Surprisingly Simple and Irresistibly Good (for You)

Sherry Anderson-Brooks, a long time friend and current subscriber, has become more vegan/vegetarian-leaning lately and shared this recipe with me. I tried it out and, just like when I tried out yoga, I immediately thought “this is share-worthy!”

Needing to lower my LDL (bad) cholesterol, but loving a really flavorful BLT during the summer when the tomatoes are at peak ripeness, I gave this recipe a try.


These (actually vegan) BLTs proved so satisfying, I can barely stop making them.

You might have to look a bit further than your standard groceries to locate a Daikon Radish, but it’ll be worth the look (especially if they’re pampered and fresh). You’ll need one large radish (perhaps 11-12” long).

It’s pretty basic from here on out; have some bread, (I’m giving the easy-as-pie Artisinal bread contained in the recipe a try: plus, I highly recommend toasting your bread to taste), iceberg lettuce and thickly-sliced ripe tomatoes on hand.

I “de-Veganed” this recipe with the addition of this home-made mayonnaise.

I’ll finish with a highly confident “Bon Appetit!”