• “Everyone can do yoga – let your yoga guy show you how!

    Les L.
  • “I increased bone density by two points – WITHOUT meds!”

    Deb H.
  • “He kept me injury free while training for my first marathon!”

    Pete McD.
    Pete McD.
  • “I can practice safely whenever, wherever i want, even from India!”

    Geeta B.
  • “His instructions are so clear, you can practically practice blindfolded!

    Brenda S.
  • You learn so many interesting, helpful facts about your body during his practices.”

    Lois O.
  • “He makes me laugh and smile during classes.  I like laughing and smiling – I think they’re good for us.”

    Lillian H.
  • Meditation in Motion!!!

    Nina Kyuck Psy.D, PCC-S, NCC – Certified Trauma Consultant/Board Certified Expert in Traumatic Stress
  • Yoga practice involves breath control, body postures, mental attitudes, proper eating, and service activities.  It is important to learn proper yoga theory and practice with the help of a knowledgeable and properly trained teacher who is committed to the proper transmission of traditional yoga concepts.

    Yoga Jones is an ideal teacher for those who want to properly learn the traditional practice of yoga.

    Mark Hatcher MD, Acupuncturist

“Yoga is the Journey of the Self, through the Self,
to the Self.”

~ The Bhagavad Gita