Have We All Been Using Mouthwash at the Wrong Time?

This article by Sarah Showfety appeared online on 1/26/22 9:30AM. (Click here for the original article with all the pop-up ads and affiliated links.) Based on an unscientific survey of my husband, largest WhatsApp chat, and everyone I work with, 100% of respondents use mouthwash after brushing. But common wisdom might have many people using …

Stark County Free Drive-Thru COVID Testing

In a sudden (and sad) turn of events, this Drive-Thru Testing site has closed after only 10 days. For the full story, see https://www.cantonrep.com/story/news/2022/01/20/national-guard-run-covid-19-site-stark-county-fairgrounds-close/6594829001/ As a service, I’m keeping this post up, however, as it contains some helpful information on symptoms and how to order FREE Rapid Tests through the United States Postal Service. Here …

Possible Relief for you Heartburn Sufferers

Excerpt from “Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art” by James Nestor. “When yogis finish a meal, they lie on their left side so that they will breathe primarily from their right nostril.  The increase of blood flow and heat via right-nostril breathing, yogis believe, can aid in digestion.”

April’s Lower Back Thanked Me

April lives with chronic lower back pain.  Immediately upon finishing this practice, she emphatically announced that it effectively reduced compression and removed pain.  She was quite happy!