April’s Lower Back Thanked Me

April lives with chronic lower back pain.  Immediately upon finishing this practice, she emphatically announced that it effectively reduced compression and removed pain.  She was quite happy!

Bone Density Boost 1 – Full Version

Here’s a 62-minute sequence that places non-threatening stress on the bones most at risk of breaking in the event of a fall: the skull, vertebra, ribs, breastbone, collarbones, arms/hands and pelvis.  Several 60+ year old women who have practiced practices like this have reported increased bone-density results!  

Chair Yoga 3

Remain seated – but keep the rest of the body moving!  Chair Yoga is helpful for anyone with balance issues, arthritic joints (especially in the lower body), injuries or post-op recovery. This sequence also builds hip and core strength – perfect for remaining upright securely!  

Chair Yoga 4

Move the joints safely – from a seated position – while building strength and stamina to help with daily activities like walking, lifting and breathing. 36 minute video – a little goes a long way!

Immuno-Boost Chair Yoga

Stay well this cold and flu season by keeping the lymph moving regularly.  The blood is pumped by the heart, but the lymph is moved by us.  Movement keeps the immune system poised to fight off invasion effectively.

Chair Yoga 1

Move the spine in all 6 key directions, move every joint of the body to retain mobility and ease and develop effective and deeper breathing – all from the security of a chair.

Squeeze Me, Please

Press your body against the earth, and itself, and receive myriad benefits – internal massage, weight-bearing on bones and joints (setting about their rebuilding bone density) and cleansing effects (from squeezing the tissues out before soaking them with oxygenated blood).