2024 Summer Solstice Sunrise Yoga

I guess you could just sleep in on the Solstice, but then you’d miss the significance of greeting the sunrise as it begins the longest sunlight of the year.

Sunrise Yoga is packed with symbolism, all reminders of our dependence (and appreciation) of/for the sun’s life-giving properties.

Make the effort to make the day as special and life-affirming as it is. We’ll begin on time and end on time. Please consider joining us – there’s power in numbers.

This year, we’ll be welcoming the Solstice from the front lawn of the Garden Center in Stadium Park. Parking is available right next to where we’ll practice, amongst the ornamental trees and gardens surrounding the Garden Center that are already brimming with life (they’re happy about the Solstice as well).

Please register online and see more details @ CantonMercy.org/SunRiseYoga.

This event is FREE; however, donations will be welcomed to benefit the American Heart Association.