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whatever else you experience today….
experience Yoga

You Already
Contain Peace

Your Yoga Guy
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Yoga Jones is
Your Yoga Guy

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When I was 42, I began the practice of Yoga immediately upon seeing my then-77-year old mother – who had been practicing yoga for over 30 years – swoop ease-fully into a full forward bend to pick up a kitten.  I remember committing at that moment to whatever it would take to earn such gracefulness at 77. That was 18 years ago and, today, I continue to gain – and strive to share – a whole new respect for the practice. will be updated with some exciting changes soon!

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  • “Everyone can do yoga – let your yoga guy show you how!

    Les L.
  • “I increased bone density by two points – WITHOUT meds!”

    Deb H.
  • “He kept me injury free while training for my first marathon!”

    Pete McD.

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