Give Yourself a Fighting Chance against Cold and Flu

As the weather shifts from summer to fall, from warm to chilly with decreasing daylight, the body gets stressed, which can weaken the immune system. Plus, the flu virus arrives to find hosts.

There are yoga practices we can do during this period to help ourselves lessen the chances that we’ll succumb.

Eat well – certain foods and spices can help you fight flu or cold, or help you recover quickly.




Irrigate the sinuses regularly – this removes mucous-trapped foreign matter from the nasal passages.  Think of it as assisting the immune system! (Plus, it feels great.)




Wash the hands regularly and thoroughly- especially before eating! Use enough soap and warm water to spread the soap evenly, and sing Happy Birthday to yourself to ensure that you are washing the hands an adequate amount of time.)  Avoid touching the eyes and nose without clean hands. Below, see how much of the hands get overlooked when we wash them quickly and carelessly!



Try one of these Immuno-Boost streaming video sequences that move the lymphatic fluid through its network, helping you remain robust.


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