Experiencing the Experience

I started feeling suspicious whenever I would witness something great happening around me – the dog being especially cute; the sunrise incredibly colorful – and I’d grab the camera to record the moment, with caption in mind, so that I could post it.

I started to see how I was missing the present by focusing on the future – thinking ahead of others who might appreciate the moment too.  This made me think:  was I was seeking attention for myself and missing the originality and spontaneity of a present moment?  Honestly – yup.  That’s what I was doing.  Finding a way to extend the present and heighten me being part of it (when it really had little to do with me).

I take fewer pix and videos spontaneously today.  Instead, I practice enjoying what’s unfolding before me and letting go of any need to grasp hold of the moment.  Memory will serve just fine.  Think of all the clutter I’m avoiding!

Some things are worth recording – but pay attention to motives when you snap up the camera.  You’re putting a device between you and the wondrously technicolor life that’s going on around you.  (btw: the featured image was taken by a professional photographer.)

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