Chair Yoga helps seniors retain mobility and stability

Chair Yoga is giving seniors freedom, dignity and presence.

Pictured is Ida Mae Graves – 94 – who said “I don’t know why, but I keep doing it, and it is working for me. I feel good.”

Photo of Ida Mae Graves – photo by the talented Gretchen Weisenberg Bercaw.

I am grateful for this coverage – the title says it all: Chair Yoga is helping seniors regain (and retain) mobility and stability.  Falling is a big fear for them – bones will break, causing complications that could be life-threatening.

Everyone is capable.  A man in a wheelchair (who stopped walking after his wife died) is coming around – we may be seeing him get up out of the chair soon!  (I’ll be sure to post that!)

Click on the image of Ida Mae to read the article.

These classes at The Canton Regency and The Danbury are FREE – to residents and community members.

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