See for Yourself

Images such as this make the news and, now, seemingly represent Yoga. Many tell me, upon seeing these types of images, this is what goes through their minds: “Well, obviously I can’t do Yoga: I’m not…. thin enough strong enough flexible enough able to balance!” Interesting – those are exactly the results it creates. If you have a similar …


If this sounds familiar to you, we’re like-minded. Note: this is quite the opposite of scatter-brain, which is the subject of another post. When I sit in meditation to approach yoga (a sustained single-pointed focus, free of interruption), I’m astounded by the amount of mental chatter going on inside. I’ve been taught to treat the …

Neck Strengthening

Build neck strength in all 4-directions (front, side, side and back) with this 4-minute video – you can do this standing or sitting!  See more of the world around you while encouraging deeper breathing.

Squeeze Me, Please

Press your body against the earth, and itself, and receive myriad benefits – internal massage, weight-bearing on bones and joints (setting about their rebuilding bone density) and cleansing effects (from squeezing the tissues out before soaking them with oxygenated blood).


It’s finally getting the bum rap it deserves. Multi-tasking is mental ping-pong – quick, frantic and draining. Focus, at any given millisecond, is concentrated upon one thing.  Multi-tasking, then, is shifting the focus from one topic to another, then back again. Retain effective concentration by practicing focus upon one topic (yoga is very effective at teaching single-pointed concentration, …

Chair Yoga 2

Keep the spine and joints moving without bearing weight.  Build Strength and length from the security of a seated position.  Perfect for those of you with balance difficulties, but also for those with knee, ankle or foot injuries.

Help Me Help You

Welcome to the new site!  I’m very excited to build on this opportunity of providing you with videos and relevant tips to keep yoga fun, safe and meaningful. Please feel free to send comments and suggestions about what’s working and what’s not, as well as requests for future video practices.  You’ll be helping me to …